About Us

With over two decades of Mainframe productivity tools development, Makware, Inc, focuses on the need of our clients who :
  • Are challenged with meeting current and past project deadlines.
  • Are concerned with meeting current and future project budgets.
  • Have a strong need for solutions to merge complicated mainframe systems.
  • Need a strong partner that can help them procure more mainframe projects.
Makware Solutions can solve these and many other issues for all IBM Mainframe Environments (MVS, VM and VSE) through designing and execution on projects that achieve at least a 25% - 30% increase in overall Productivity.
Download Pdf Makware Strategic Project Scoping


To develop long term relationships with our clients where they recognize, understand, and integrate our “Great Offshore Equalizer” for all of their mainframe engagements.
To deliver powerful yet easy to use utility tools that help Mainframe users around the globe with rapid application development and cost-effective maintenance.

To play a significant role in our partner’s success by delivering mainframe consulting services and products that bond their ability to deliver higher quality, procure more engagements, and improve efficiencies with our unique approach to mainframe solutions.

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