Makware Services

Makware Consulting
Our consulting services help "C" level executive answer the following questions:
  • How do I save cost of ongoing mainframe hardware and software needs?
  • How do I solve the complex issues of migrating data from the mainframe to distributed platforms?
  • How do I manage the depleting mainframe labor pool and "do more with less?"
Through our unique experience of working in six different countries and our robust automated utilities, we can help answer these questions and execute on a plan that includes legacy modernization, automated data migration utilizing our existing and customized tools.

Makware partners share a special relationship in which both parties cooperate to provide world class tools and services to the partner's clients. Through this partnership we have provided the following benefits for our partners:
  • An increase in the number of bids awarded by partnering with the "Great Offshore Equalizer"
  • Repeat project business from their clients
  • Margin increases on projects
  • Tool offerings for their Client's everyday mainframe environments

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